Christmas and New Years in Cyprus

As Christmas approaches the mad rush to buy presents, prepare food, send cards and be jolly can make anyone exhausted even in the slower paced life of Cyprus. In Cyprus, Christmas has become more commercialized with shops well decorated, stocked and extending their shopping hours. The towns are also well decorated with Father Christmas statues, snowmen, angels and lights in town and throughout the villages. And, even though Easter is the bigger of the two events Christmas and New Years is not to be downplayed with many unique and customs, foods and traditions.

For many Cypriots, Christmas is preceded by fasting. The season begins in December 6th, the Feast of St. Nicholas and ends on January 6th, the Feast of the Epihany. Christmas is celebrated as a religious holiday and on Christmas Eve people go to church and many children go from house to house singing carols or “kalanda” which have been passed down from Byzantine times.

Goblin-like and mischievous little sprites known as “kalikantzari” are said to prey upon people causing mischief during the 12 days of Xmas. Although not done as much as in the past, some people “protect themselves” by wrapping a sprig of basil around a Merry Christmas and happy new year cross and then sprinkling it with holy water. The water is then sprinkled in each room throughout the 12 days of Christmas.

In the past, children used to get their gifts on New Years Day since Father Christmas is “Agios Vasilis” or St. Basil whom was celebrated on New Years Day with the special cake “Vasilopita.” Mothers would leave the cake with a candle on it and a goblet of wine for him – he would drink the wine, bless the cake then leave the gifts. Most people now exchange and receive presents on Christmas Day. The New Year’s cake is still widely sold in bakeries or made in homes to be cut on New Years Day or Eve. The cake is not very sweet but has one gold coin in it – whomever gets the piece of cake with the coin in it is said to have good luck all year.


Some other popular foods at Christmas in Cyprus are Stuffed turkey which has become more popular in recent years or the tradional souvla made with lamb or pork cooked on the traditional Cypriot BBQ over charcoals. For sweets there are the delicious Kourabiedes – small almond cakes coated in icing sugar, melomakarona – honey cakes and Finikia – walnut cakes. Healthy Recipies

Health Insurance Rate Increases And Grandfathered Health Plans – Should You Go Down With The Ship?

Everybody is getting large health insurance rate increases this year. The size of the increase is making many people look for alternative health insurance plans. One type of plan is being especially hard hit with double digit increases, and those are grandfathered health plans. We’ll cover what’s happening and what you can do to protect yourself from the rate increases that are taking place.

You may be thinking, “What’s a grandfathered health insurance plan?” The answer is, if you have a health insurance plan that was in place on March 23rd of 2010, and you haven’t made any changes to your plan, you’re still in the same plan, then you have a grandfathered health insurance plan. If you’ve been in the same plan for 5, 10, 15 years, then you have a grandfathered health insurance plan.

Grandfathered plans have some special exemptions and characteristics, so we need to go over those in a little bit more detail. The easiest way to do that is to tell you a story about a recent client. That client’s name is Barry.

Barry and his wife are 52, and they have two daughters; one 21, and one that’s 16. Barry shared with me that their letter basically told them their new rate was going up almost 24% and they would be paying $1389 a month. They were in an Anthem PPO Share 5000 plan, and they’d been in that plan so long, he didn’t even remember when they actually started it. The rates had increased progressively from one year to the next.

But this year, the rates were finally high enough that he said he didn’t want to pay that much anymore, he wanted to find an alternative. So he called his agent, and then he called Anthem Blue Cross directly. In both cases, they told him to “just ride it out” and wait to see what happened in 2014, after the Affordable Care Act kicked in. That wasn’t an answer Barry was willing to live with because he wanted a solution today.

So when Barry called he shared the above information and his fear that he would have to pay higher rates. When queried about the health characteristics of his family, he said Plano de Saúde Bradesco they were all healthy, and that other than one or two colds, they did preventive care and that was pretty much it. Their current plan was very rich in benefits that they weren’t making use of, based on what he’d described.

After running a set of quotes for the family, and scanning all of the different options, it became clear that one of the best options for them was the Health Net PPO Advantage 3500 plan. The reason is because it gave them two office visits for a simple copayment, and then all of the preventive care was free. That’s not something that they had in their PPO Share plan. They actually have to pay for their preventive care as part of their deductible costs in that plan.

The monthly premium on that Health Net plan was only $480 a month, so they were saving a little over $900 per month, or $10,900 per year. Barry really liked that. But he said, “There’s a big difference in benefits between these two plans. Can you show me a plan that’s a little bit closer to the benefits we have in our grandfathered plan, but at a lower cost?”

How to Write Android Apps

So you have an android device and have all the apps you want. Now you are wondering just how to create your own android app. By reading below you can learn the steps to creating some good money making apps. Just like most things there are numerous tools to create Android apps and we will put you in the right direction to start this process. Android application development is now a flourishing business, because it is based on an open source platform. If you are a programmer you will find it easy to develop apps.

When designing an app you need to make sure that it is functional. Before you start the process of designing your app, you need to know all apps use XML files which is the primary source to define user inter face and layouts. These XML files are linked to activities carried out by the application; which is corresponds to what’s on the device’s display; either vertical, horizontal or tablet form. There are different layouts but it makes it easy to fit various different screen sizes and shapes. The different aspects for an app are graphics and controls.

When you start to design an app remember it will take awhile to create, you shouldn’t expect to accomplish this in one day. It is better to think in the big picture and create many apps than to focus too much time on one or two; this way you have more sources to make money from.

So you have an android phone now you will need to get Android SDK, which is Android’s basic app writing program. The Android SDK is also equipped with a comprehensive set of development tools like debugger, libraries, a handset emulator, documentation, sample code, and tutorials. The built-in features of Android SDK provide the base needed to build some great mobile applications and providing a great gbwhatsapp opportunity for developers and entrepreneurs to cash in for technology. Android enables developers to create compelling mobile applications that take full advantage a handset has to offer.

Next you should look through the Android market to see if there is an app like the idea you have. If there is already a successful app that you want to make it may be hard to compete against an already successful app. Go through and download some apps to play with and see how they function to help give ideas of what you can and can’t do.

Once you have you idea it is a good idea to sit down and draw some screenshots on paper to show how your app will look on paper. Just remember the screens are small and you will not want to over clutter the screen. Once you have a layout done have someone go through the buttons and walk them through on paper how it functions to see if it has unclear instructions or lack of functionality.

Find A Perfectly Legal Sun City Baccarat Site Online


One of the troubles for the bettors around the globe is that they do not locate lots of lawful gaming websites. Gambling has actually been prohibited in numerous nations and also where they are enabled, legislations of the land might be strict. A distinction exists in the instance of Macau where the betting has actually been legislated considering that the 1850s. Thus it is the Macau Gaming Company that can provide the customers with the flawlessly lawful betting video games. The legalization of gambling enterprise video games in Macau has actually made it the name of Monte Carlo of the Orient. Gambling has actually been the largest income resource for Macau as it counts for virtually 50% of the whole earnings sources of the nation. That is why locating the Sun City baccarat website is hassle-free and also very easy below. A lot of gaming gamers are either from China or Hong Kong.

Gambling provided by the Macau betting business is among the 4 kinds. It can be a dadu online site, grey canine, lottery games, along with the sporting activities wagering. Casinos using the on-line game of chance can not access nations like the USA and also are typically signed up in UK or nations where betting is lawfully permitted. It was essential for creating higher income that the betting in Macau was legislated back in the year 1850. The licensing system was likewise presented in the direction of completion of the 19th century. The licensing system was made appropriate to all Chinese casino site video gaming residences like those supplying Fan-Tan.

First significant development was attained in the year 1962 when a distribute that was collectively developed by Macau and also Hong Kong business people under the name STDM. When Western-style online casino video games were introduced in the industry, this was also the time. The certificate offered to distribute stayed personnel till 2001 when it ultimately ended. Today as a result of comprehensive centers for playing gambling enterprise games of chance, Macau is thought about to be the “Monte Carlo of the Orient”. There are numerous like the Bobo Li Cai Company that has the capacity to take the experience of the bettor to a brand-new elevation completely.

Horse Racing-Drug Reform In U.S. Horse Racing Faces Obstacles


Outrage on the deaths of 36 horses at Santa Anita Park in Southern California since December has given an increase to national laws aimed at stopping drug misuse from the game. But the bill, that set a national authority and would end the use of medication on race day, faces a formidable foe at Churchill Downs. The Horseracing honesty Act has the support of a lot of the sector in addition to animal welfare groups that are leading but the race track has been steadfast in its resistance. Kentucky, which might make obtaining the bill throughout the finish line a struggle is represented by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

A spokesperson for McConnell stated he’s not said his stance on the law. Despite the challenges in the Senate, the backers of the bill stay optimistic. President of the Jockey Club, Jim Gagliano, told Reuters. 191 co-sponsors at the House shy of a majority in this room. In the Senate, which also has support, a companion bill has been introduced for the first time. The simple fact ceme online is that just 5 percent of horses want Lasix to operate and 95 percent of them accept it. The main reason is you don’t wish to run because they have a 30-pound weight advantage contrary to a horse that’s taking Lasix. There’s to be advancement and we must find the episodes of deaths steadily decreasing.

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Shareable Content With Active Participation Needed to Achieve Your Social Media Marketing Goals

Majority of marketers today consider social media as the one of the most powerful tools to improve brand reputation. In the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud 2014 State of Marketing Study of that covered over 2,660 mid to senior level managers from various industries, about 66% of marketers admitted that social networking sites indirectly impact their business performance. The importance of personalized rank results, the results with rel-author that display more prominently in Google search, and #searches that incorporate G+ hashtags queries as part of search on Google imply that social signals can impact SERP rankings quite significantly. Though social signals are evolving as a crucial factor when it comes to achieving their online marketing goals, businesses are still confused as to whether success with social media optimization is determined by shareable content or active participation on social networking sites.

Improve Social Signals Quality Content

Matt Cutts has stressed that if you develop compelling and high quality content, people will naturally link it, like or share it on Facebook or +1 it. Quality content would definitely generate a lot of social signals in the form of likes, shares, +1s, tweets and more. Discussions on Cre8siteForums on clients who do not want to use social media say that marketers who are not interested in, confused, busy or unable to take part in social media activities simply need to create good content that will get shared on social networking sites. This, it is pointed out, will drive traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more without your getting involved in the day-to-day activities on these sites. Marketers can post quality articles on their websites and add social buttons to them so that visitors can share the posts they like in their social network:

It is very important to post high quality content regularly on social networking sites. Entrepreneurs who loathe social sites, but still want to drive social signals in this way can rely on tools that can automatically share blog posts with these sites. Here’s a look at some on these tools:

  • Twitterfeed – Once you sign up for Twitterfeed and select your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles, the tool uses the RSS feed your blogs to monitor for new posts. When a new post is found, it will share that post to all selected profiles automatically. You smm panel can choose whether to share the title or description or both and use keyword filters to automatically add or opt out posts that contain specific keywords.
  • HootSuite – This tool not only posts blog content automatically, but also allows you to schedule updates, monitor mentions and conversions, create search streams and track your activity across various social profiles. As this tool supports LinkedIn company pages and Google+ Pages (not Google+ personal profiles) you can share posts across more networks than with Twitterfeed. Though the content cannot be customized for individual posts, you can configure different settings for each social network.
  • SNAP Pro – SNAP Pro supports a wider array of social networks than the tools mentioned above, including StumbleUpon, Delicious and Pinterest, though it would take more time to configure. The paid version allows you to set up auto posting to an unlimited number of social profiles including Google+ personal profiles and LinkedIn company pages. Compared to other tools, SNAP allows complete customization of your posts.

Why Active Participation is Important for a Winning Social Optimization Strategy?

Though there are several ways to share high quality content across social networking profiles and drive social signals without being socially active, industry experts say it is imperative stay active on social networking sites if you really want these signals to work for your search engine optimization efforts. Here are some of the reasons why active social participation is important to your SEO.

How Engagement Ring Made Me A Better Salesperson Than You

Love is precious. Love is sweet. And love is unique too. We all want our love to be unique. This is the reason why people often opt for designer engagement ring when one has to gift something special to his/her sweetheart. Designer engagement ring has become immensely popular because of the uniqueness factor. The market of designer engagement ring is vast, and it offers unique yet amazing design and styles for your special someone. Dazzle your love life with a diamond engagement ring created by you as it will truly express your feelings.

Designer engagement ring can give you and your would-be-bride a reason to smile. Unique rings are in vogue. There are many benefits attached with getting your ring designed. The first and the foremost benefit is that you can gift your lover something in a manner, which displays your love. When you get your ring designed, you can choose the stone as well as the band of your choice. This way you can form a very attractive and interesting design.

It is actually fun to add your creative acumen to make an engagement ring. You can tell the designer about what you actually want to see in your diamond ring. After all, you gift engagement ring only once in life. And sometimes these engagement rings become a valuable family rings and passes from one generation to the other.

To design a magnificent diamond engagement ring, one can visit many online jewelry stores. They allow you to create your own diamond engagement ring by just following simple steps. Customers have the option to choose any certified diamond and can get it studded on a platinum ring or gold ring. Let it be diamond engagement ring, platinum engagement ring or emerald engagement ring, you can give your personal touch to all of these rings.

But before buying designer engagement rings, one should keep in mind the budget limitations. Sometimes, these rings prove to be very expensive. Therefore always keep in mind the affordability part before buying the ring.

Engagement is the best thing which moissanite engagement ring can happen to any relationship. And to make it special you need to choose the right engagement ring from a certified online jewelry store. At, our diamond engagement rings and other kinds of jewelry have stunned the entire world. We provide you the best of certified diamonds that you can use it to make perfect designer engagement ring. Here, you can create dream designer engagement ring by following simple steps. Our website provides a first class service, helping you to make diamond engagement ring ideated by you. Always log on to our site for dedicated, one-to-one service. We know the value of quality advice and assistance and are committed to helping you make the right decision.

To end with, it can be said that engagement rings can be made by just following easy steps. Mesmerize your beloved and the world with a ring ideated and designed by you. Use your unique talent to say ‘I Love you’ to your special someone.

Weight Loss Capsules – Are They Really Safe?

Obesity is often a problem that happens to a large number of people in this world. There have been a large number of ways in which these people with obesity problem try to lose their weight. They do exercises, they go to the gym, they try to live with healthy diets and so forth.

However, quite unfortunately, there is no guarantee that every single one of them will be able to lose weight by making use of such ways. As a matter of fact, there are a large number of people who find it quite in vain trying to lose weight those ways. This is when the weight loss capsules come in handy.

These are special capsules that have been manufactured with certain ingredients which may prove to be quite helpful in terms of losing weight. They alter the natural processes that happen inside human bodies. Better yet, these capsules are able to offer various benefits.

No Pain with Capsules

The very first benefit that customers may be able to get is that such capsules are not going to give any painful feeling to those who consume them. This is very contradictory to the pain ALTILIX that people had to go through at the earlier time. At that time, it was very painful that people had to be pricked with needles on their bodies. This was to let the electric current pass to help people lose weight.

Very Little Time Is Required

With the weight loss capsules, all it is going to take is just a few fair seconds with the help of a glass of water. People do not have to go to the gym for hours anymore in order to lose weight and look more attractive. For those people who are quite busy with their daily jobs or routines, these pills are really helpful.

Capsules Are Affordable

Another good thing about the weight loss capsules is that they are quite affordable. As a matter of fact, when it comes to losing weight, these capsules are one of the most cost effective ways people can opt for. Going to the gym or doing the exercises at various fitness centers will of course be much more expensive.

Convenient To Use

It is quite an inevitable fact that weight loss capsules are very easy and convenient to use. There are no certain rules that are going to bind people who consume these capsules. There is no need of change of sleeping or diet patterns either. Of course, it is recommended to reduce consumption of fried food. Yet, it is not a must.

With all those benefits, the weight loss capsules are indeed quite tempting, especially to those with obesity problem.

If you are in search of weight loss pills [] which are safe to use and don’t have any side-effects. You can try Acai Berry Blast Capsules; these pills are made of natural ingredients and are proven clinically to be extremely safe.

These pills are used by many people including many athletes and celebrities.