Homemaker’s FAQ on Forex Trading and Forex Trading Signal Service

People tend to have many questions when they are presented with something new, especially when it is related to their money. The following are questions that homemakers frequently ask regarding forex trading and forex trading signal service:

Q1: Is forex trading safe?
A1: Trading forex is of course safe. The reason is because today more and more country regulates forex market and they enforce strict rules that every forex broker must follow. As a result, we find that only the good brokers stay in the forex trading industry. On a personal level though, it is up to you to determine the safety of your account. If you trade recklessly then you will find that your capital will drain rapidly. Sometimes it is faster to lose money in forex trading than in casino. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself mentally and acquire lots and lots of knowledge or you can choose to go with hiring a good profitable trader and subscribe to his trading signal service. The latter is by far the faster, easier way to trade forex if you have limited or no knowledge about forex at all.

Q2: Can a homemaker succeed in forex trading?
A2: Of course, you can succeed in forex trading just like other trader. Everyone who trades forex have the same opportunity. In fact, homemakers have more potential to succeed because they have the most flexible schedule and needless to say, they have more time at their disposal than any other newcomer in forex trading. Homemakers usually develop the ability to do multitasking and this is the number one reason they can manage hectic days without a hitch. And actually, people can multitask forex trading if only they know how to do it. First of all, they need to find a genuine forex trading signal service and subscribe to it. Second, just do the things they usually do day in day out. Homemakers don’t answer to any boss so they can use their time in any way they want and do the tasks however they want as long as the finish the tasks. This is why homemakers have the most potential to succeed if they know how to manage their abundant time.

Q3: Do I need to have experience in international finance to start trading forex?
A3: If you decided to trade forex with your own might then you need to go through the learning curve. However, if you join a trading signal service you don’t need to have any experience in trading at all. This is why assisted trading is deemed the easiest way to participate in the forex market. Assisted trading is a term used to describe trading using the assistance of a trading signal service.

Q4: Can someone who only Forex Trading course graduates from high school trade forex?
A4: This answer is of course, yes. All you need to do is to find good trader who consistently profit from the market and pay him to let you know what currency pair to trade, when to enter the market and when to exit. If you are humble enough to let someone professional help you then you are fine.

Q5: What do I need to become successful in forex trading?
A5: You need to have a strong commitment, willingness to learn things and diligently update your knowledge or information. Most people fail because they don’t have a strong commitment from the start. Also, many people just don’t have the right kind of information or knowledge.

Q6: Do I need to have a high-tech computer?
A6: Absolutely not. You don’t need to have a computer that look like Star Trek or any other alien spaceship. A computer with 512 RAM, Pentium 4 2.67 Ghz, 80 Gb hard disk drive and windows xp is enough for you to be able to trade forex. However you need to know that it is important not to open multiple programs that consume a lot of resources from your computer or heavy program while you are trading forex. In nature, forex software such as Meta Trader 4 (commonly abbreviated as MT4) is very light and does not require computer with high specification.

Indian Dreams of Digital India Is Now Possible

A popular and successful campaign launched by the government of India, Digital India, is established to ascertain that the government services in India are made available to the Indian citizens electronically by ameliorating online substructure and by bettering internet connectivity in all parts of India.

These initiatives, in amalgam with several others, like Aadhaar India and Jan Dhan Yojana, are turning out to be in favor of the NDA government. With each passing day, more and more initiatives are being taken up by Narendra Modi, moving a step forward in the direction of Make in India and Digital India initiative.

Digital India aims at making India ‘digitally empowered in the field of technology.’ Launched by the current prime minister on 2nd July, 2015, the first step in this program includes plans to connect countrified areas with high-speed internet networks. The 3 core Gramin awas yojna list components of this initiative are: instauration of digital infrastructure, deporting services digitally and digital literacy. Digital technologies include cloud computing and mobile applications, which have risen as accelerators for speedy economic growth and citizen empowerment across the world. Digital technologies are utilized in our everyday lives to share information on issuances and fears encountered by us. The objective of this Digital India initiative is to emerge with creative ideas and practically feasible solutions to transform India and create opportunities for all Indians to access digital services, knowledge and information.

Long dependent on foreign military hardware for its combat capabilities, the 1.18 million strong Indian army is indigenizing in tune with Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” initiative. The modernization process of the Indian Armed Forces has been clearly put forward in the LTIPP (Long Term Integrated Perspective Plan), covering the period till 2027. Two more plans, the five-year Service-wise capability Acquisition plan and two year roll-on Annual Acquisition Plan, are also included in the planning process. The army is in urgent need of inducing technologies related to modern warfare which has a high speed and is fast tracked. Lagging far behind the much smaller navy and IAF in the drive for modernization, has put 26 procurement schemes for fast tracking. Modernization of the defense forces is a continuing process based on threat perception, operational challenges, and technological changes to keep it in a state of readiness to meet the entire spectrum of security challenges.

Retirement Planning – A Free Online Calculator Can Help You Get Started

At its heart, the idea of planning for retirement is very straightforward. Like squirrels in the autumn, hopeful future retirees stash away some of the nuts they gather each day so they’ll be able to eat when the gathering season is past. Unfortunately, the problem is more complicated for us humans. Squirrels only need their stash to last for a few cold months of winter, while retirees depend on their stash for thirty, forty, or even fifty years. This difference can make the problem seem overwhelming, and can leave people frozen with indecision.

To make matters worse, we’re inundated with conflicting advice about how we should invest our savings to best accomplish our retirement goals. Should we hire an Age calculator investment advisor? Should we use index funds or actively managed funds? What funds should we buy? How do we build the very best portfolio to get the highest returns?

While these questions are valid, they become inconsequential if the apprehension they produce causes us to do nothing. What matters most is whether we save enough money for a long enough period of time and whether we make reasonably good investment choices. Notice I said reasonably good investment choices. Too many people feel that successful financial planning is about scoring frequent Jim Cramer style “booya” home-runs on brilliant stock picks. The facts just don’t support this oft repeated lore. What really matters is that you develop a solid plan and stick with it.

When can I get off the treadmill?

To determine how much you need to retire, you must first decide how much you want to spend in retirement. What standard of living do you desire in retirement and how much will it cost to fund that lifestyle? This is by far the most important question in retirement planning.

Fundamentally, this is a question about trade-offs. How much should we sacrifice during our working years, and for how long, so we can be happy during those golden retirement years. The tradeoffs get even more complicated when you consider other competing factors such as children’s education, the care of elderly parents, and concerns about one’s own health. Once again, it’s easy to get bogged down in the complexity of it all, but like any decision involving trade-offs, it becomes much simpler if we can understand what the costs and benefits of our various options are.

This is where a retirement planning tool can help. A retirement calculator can help you experiment with different levels of savings, different retirement ages, and different levels of retirement spending. By using a retirement calculator to run retirement “experiments”, you’ll be able to see the costs and benefits of choosing among the various paths. Retirement planning is deeply personal, and only you can decide what trade-offs make sense for you and your family.

I’m ready to calculate. Now what?

Retirement calculators can provide you with information to help you make choices about various retirement options. But remember, these tools are not “smart” and they can’t weigh the options for you. Their role is to assist you by arming you with the information you need to make good choices.

Most retirement planning tools ask you to provide information about expected savings, desired retirement age, and the annual expenses you plan to incur during retirement. The tools use this information, along with assumptions about inflation, taxes, and portfolio performance, to estimate the likelihood that you’ll be able to fund your expenses for the duration of your retirement.

This likelihood of success is the tool’s way of indicating how solid of a plan you’ve constructed. If the likelihood (or probability) of success is low, say below 50%, then you have a less than 50/50 chance of having enough money in retirement. On the other hand, if the probability of success is above 90%, then your plan has a very high likelihood of being able to provide income you’re seeking during retirement.

Wait a minute you say, I simply want to know if my plan works. Why can’t the tool just tell me that?

Most advanced retirement planning tools use the concept of probability to report their results. This is because most tools work by running thousands “simulations” of your retirement. In each of these simulation runs, the software plugs through all of the calculations of your retirement year-by-year to see what happens. In the runs where the simulation reaches the end of the plan and still has money to spare, the run is called a success. Runs where the money is gone before the end of the plan are called failures. The ratio of successes over failures is your plan’s overall probability of success.

Introduction to Online Casino Bonuses

The online casino system has grown tremendously in the last decade or so that it has been in existence – to a point where it is almost surpassing the brick and mortar casino system of the fore. Indeed, though hard statistics are hard to come by, chances are that at this point in time, there are more regular casino players who play on online casinos than there are playing in the traditional brick and mortar casinos. Comparing in terms of playing volumes (amounts of money deposited and winnings earned), online casinos are also likely to win over brick and mortar casinos hands down.

Now one of the greatest attractions that have drawn so many people into online casinos is the bonuses they offer.

The way the online casino bonuses work is such that for every amount of ‘playing money’ money one deposits into the online casino, the casino -or the ‘house’ as the casino is known in these circles – tops up with a certain amount. This way, a person who แทงบอล deposits $100 into the casino, for instance, might find the ‘house’ topping their $100 deposit with another $20, so that thanks to the online casino bonuses system, such a person gets to play as much as they would have played had they deposited $120 into the casino, for playing purposes.

Online casino bonuses can therefore be seen as the online casino’s concept of a ‘discount on purchase’ where for every amount of ‘playing service’ a player purchases, they are given some more of the same service, for free.

Every online casino that offers a bonus typically does so under its own well thought out system, so that we end up with a situation where ‘all online casino deposits are not equal.’ Indeed, examining the various bonuses that online casinos offer, we might end up with a situation where armed with a scoring criteria, we can rank the various online casino bonuses from the ‘mediocre’ to the ‘ordinary’ and onto the best casino bonuses.

For the most part, the best casino bonuses tend to be stated in percentages (like where the ‘house’ offers to top up every amount deposited into the casino account with a fixed percentage of it, say 5 or 10 percent). Of course, there are some online casinos that state their bonuses in fixed dollar amounts (like where for every $100 deposited, they top up with $10), and these too, can turn out to be great in some cases.

Most online casinos that offer bonuses typically put a limit to the amounts onto which they pay the bonuses, so that – for instance, for every $100 deposited, the ‘house’ tops up with 10%, but only up to a maximum of $100. Now with regard to these limits, the best casino bonuses will tend to be those that apply to the greatest amounts of money, so that even if you deposit a huge amount of money, you can still be in a position to enjoy the bonus. The opposite of these, of course, are the severely limited online casino bonuses, which apply only for modest deposits, where every deposit above such and such an amount is not subject to the bonus.

Interesting Facts About Toronto

Think you know Toronto? Let’s see how much you know. We have gathered 45 interesting fun Toronto facts from a variety of topics.

 Geographic Facts

1. Toronto covers 641 sq km and stretches 43 km from east to west and 21 km from north to south at its longest points. The perimeter is approximately 180 km.

2. One quarter of Canada’s population lives within a 160 km radius of Toronto

3. Toronto is in Southern Ontario which has shorelines on four of the five, Great Lakes and located, further brampton building permit south than ten of the northern states of the USA.

4. Toronto’s waterfront is 76.5 meters above sea level; shoreline stretches 43 km (as the crow flies) or 138 km if you factor in the bays and islands

5. Highest point is 209 m (at intersection of Steeles Ave West and Keele St)

6. Most northerly point is the intersection of Steeles Ave E. and Pickering Town Line

7. Most southerly point is Lake Ontario’s shoreline at the border between Toronto and Mississauga

8. Most easterly point is the meeting of the Rouge River and shoreline of Lake Ontario

9. Most westerly point is the intersection of Steeles Ave W. and Albion Road

10. Toronto is in plant hardiness zone 6, and on the eastern edge of the Carolinian Forest zone

11. There are 1500 parks and 8,000 hectares of parklands – (ravines, valleys, woodlots, waterfront natural areas, parks and farmland), or 18.1 per cent of city’s area, there are also 187 km of bike paths, 7.8 km of pedestrian paths, and 3 million publicly owned trees

Economic Facts

1. Toronto is the largest and most important financial centre in all of Canada and the fourth largest in North America. Only New York city, Chicago and Los Angeles are larger.

2. Financial centre of Canada, 3rd largest in North America, employing 205,000 in financial sector

3. Toronto is home to Canada’s 5 largest banks, 50 foreign bank subsidiaries and branches, and 112 securities firms.

4. The film industry supports 28,000 jobs in Toronto and annually contributes $1.5 billion to the economy

5. Toronto’s tourism industry generated $3.34 billion in direct expenditures in the year 2000

6. There are about 87,900 tourism related jobs in Toronto

City Facts

1. Toronto is Canada’s largest city and home to over 5.7 million people

2. Toronto is the capital city of the province of Ontario

3. Toronto is the largest financial centre in Canada.

4. There are 100 + languages spoken throughout the city of Toronto

5. Just over 30 per cent of Toronto residents speak a language other than English or French at home.

6. Over half of Toronto’s labour force has a university degree or college diploma

7. With it’s world class tourist attractions Toronto is Canada’s number one tourist destination

8. Toronto residents hold more university educations than in any other country, in the world, based on percentage of population. Source OECD – 2003

9. 180 million customers live and work within a day’s drive of Toronto, including 125 million Americans or roughly 40 per cent of the U.S. population.

10. More people live in Toronto than in Canada’s four Atlantic Provinces combined

11. Half of Toronto’s population (1,237,720) was born outside of Canada, up from 48 per cent in 1996.

12. Niagara Falls is just over an hour’s drive from Toronto

13. Toronto has over 8,000 restaurants

14. Toronto has over 35,000 hotel rooms

North American Facts

1. Toronto is North America’s 5th-largest city after Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

2. North America’s largest continuous underground pedestrian system PATH, connects about 1200 stores and restaurants, 50 office towers, five subway stations, Union Station, six major hotels and several entertainment centres under Toronto’s financial core.

3. Toronto’s TTC bus and subway public transit system is the second largest in North America and has the highest per capita ridership rate on the continent.

4. About 25% of films produced in Hollywood are actually filmed in Toronto, making it North America’s 3rd largest TV and movies production venue.

5. The Caribana parade is the largest single-day parade and largest Caribbean festival in North America.

6. Toronto has the only, real castle in all of North America. You will never forget Casa Loma (home on hill) with vista views of both, the downtown, skyline of Toronto and of Great Lake Ontario.

7. The TSX Group – the third-largest stock exchange in North American and seventh largest in the world based on market capitalization – is the world leader in mining sector listings.

8. The Direct Energy Centre (formerly the National Trade Centre) is the 3rd largest exhibit facility in North America with over 1 million sq. ft. of exhibit space

Weight Loss Pills For Men – What You Need To Know

In our country and our world we are losing the battle against obesity problems and most guys would do anything for some weight loss pills for men. A pill that would enable them to lose weight fast and easily, with no other side effects other than a trim cut body that they would be proud of.

Sadly, there isn’t something that incredible on the market yet. However it wouldn’t be considered fair to say all weight loss pills for men are scams as there are many great and effective products in the market.

Back in 2010, the Mayo Clinic conducted research with ten well-known, off the shelf weight loss pills then posted best weight loss pills 2020 their findings on their website. Out of the ten pills, nine were labeled either as “possibly effective,” some were considered “possibly ineffective,” and then a few were explained as “evidence is too insufficient for a reliable rate.” The only one that was labeled as “effective” was called Alli. Alli was basically a non-prescription style of Orlistat, which was designed for decreasing dietary fat absorption into the body.

So this is the miracle drug? Right…? No. Before you start jumping for joy, you’ll need to hear about the yearlong clinical testing trials that were done. First this “effective” pill was tested in a prescription version and only worked on around half of the trial participants. It had reduced the participants body mass on average by only 5%, and most of those them whom it was “effective” gained back some or even all the weight they had lost after they stopped taking it. So basically it’s not much better than doing nothing, but hardly worth the trouble and hardly a miracle pill. Also, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are investigating its potential links to damaging the liver.

Another study from “Askmen” examined three more prominent weight loss pills for men – Bontril, Phentermine and the previously mentioned Orlistat. They too found it to be almost useless for helping men lose weight and were similarly unimpressed with their findings of the pill. Their study concluded that the majority of weight loss pills are amphetamine-based. It also had shown that the limited effects they had for some people, that it is easily outweighed by all the possible downsides like addiction, heart palpitations, blood pressure increases, fatigue, restlessness or insomnia, diarrhea and many more.

“Men’s Health” was also not able to recommend any weight loss pills for men it researched. They studied Prolab Therma Pro Ephedra Free, Xenadrine EFX, Ephedra-free Hydroxycut, Zantrex 3, and Trim Spa Completely Ephedra Free; and the evidence of its effectiveness was dubious. Men’s health’s advice was to skip pills and do something less risky yet just as effective and get the same natural versions of ingredients from your food. Like getting casein from cottage cheese, pectin from apples, and your omega-3’s from fish. All these have natural effects for appetite suppressants that are nearly the amount of suppressants that the high-priced weight loss pills boast about.

So to wrap things up, you’ll find some weight loss pills may help to a slight degree, but You may want to consider more natural weight loss pills for men. You should also consider a change in diet and some exercise to lose weight. The Mayo Clinic did come to a conclusion for off the shelf weight loss pills, which basically said: “The reality is there is no magic bullet to help lose weight. The best way to lose weight effectively and keep it off would be by lifestyle changes like watching your portion sizes, being physically active, eating healthy, and consuming low-calorie foods. It may not be magic, but it does work.”

How to make an age specific app in the education domain

Children nowadays who still are learning how to speak have access to a smartphone. Mostly they use it at that age only to play videos but through the content they learn how to communicate and learn. Older kids use it to study and any educational app development company can help you make one of these mobile learning solutions suitable for a particular age group.


Any of the mobile learning solutions are dependent on the age of the kids that they target and the content of the apps reflect this choice. The types of apps that such educational app development company focus upon are:

  • Courseware apps that focus on a particular course and are only relevant to that course. These are usually given free as a larger bundle of resources containing books, elearning materials for offline study and the app that helps to focus on the areas where traditional books cannot cope.
  • Classroom aids are designed mainly for teachers use and to be used in the classroom environment with the possibility of being projected on a whiteboard or a television screen as per the availability of the device.
  • Assessment apps test the knowledge of the students on any particular field. They could be a part of the courseware app or even as a standalone where they provide a score to the student and many times the correct answers to help them score better.
  • Reference apps are mainly encyclopedias or dictionaries which are used by the student as a ready reference for any information they might need without sifting through confusing online search software. These are mostly age independent apps.
  • Educational apps for special purposes provide niche knowledge about a specific area like healthcare apps or typing apps. They are also not age dependent.


Mobile learning solutions nowadays increasingly use a list of features to create an app with integration with newer technologies like AR and VR to provide a most immersive learning environment. The list of features though is only a simple way to ensure that no major items are missed and do not restrict one from being creative and innovative.


Some of these features involve integration with social networks which saves time every time one opens the app and need not sign in everytime. Also, social networks keep a copy of the progress of the individual and are an easy way to open the app on a new machine. This also helps provide the app a structured approach with plans, goals and schedules easily maintained and updated by the teacher or student.


The ease of making video content has made educational apps more popular which makes the content easy to understand by creating and watching videos as well as live feeds of the lessons. The student benefits as they can rewind and rewatch any part that they could not understand the first time. The surveys and tests are useful to both teachers and students to find how well the learning is progressing while the leaderboard function provides a sense of achievement and clear cut goals to the students.

Autoclave Fails The Biological Spore Test

Getting a positive result on your biological spore test is pretty serious business. It means that, for some reason, your autoclave isn’t sterilizing your instruments like it’s supposed to. It could be a problem related to user error or it could be some type of mechanical malfunction. Whatever the cause, though, there are certain things you need to do when you autoclave fails the biological spore test.

Stop Using Your Autoclave

It might seem obvious, but you really shouldn’t use your autoclave now until you get a good test result back. Even if you find the problem was just a procedural error or a minor mechanical problem that you fixed yourself, you still need to be sure your autoclave is working properly before you use it again.

Only Use Instruments Sterilized Before The Failed Test

Since you’re not sure if your autoclave is working properly you can’t use any instruments that were sterilized after autoclave the last test you passed. And if you can’t verify when an instrument was sterilized, then it’s not safe to use it.

Contact The Proper Authorities

In most cases you’re required to contact the proper regulatory agency and let them know what’s going on and how you plan to deal with the situation. Don’t forget to document everything you do and keep it on file for at least 2 years.

Perform Another Test

Repeat the spore test in case the first results were an error. If the second test says you passed and there’s no indication that something’s wrong with your autoclave, then feel free to go back to work. However, do re-sterilize all of the instruments that were sterilized after the last test you passed.

If You Fail The Second Test

If you fail this second test you’ll have to repair your autoclave. Most autoclaves are easy to repair and all you’ll need to do is conduct an Internet search for your brand and model number and look for troubleshooting guides. If you have a high-quality Tuttnauer autoclave, it may be as easy as cleaning out the air jet valve.

Once you’ve repaired your autoclave you may be required to pass 3 consecutive biological spore tests before you can return to business as usual. At that time, you’ll have to also re-sterilize all of your instruments that were used since the last time you passed a spore test.

As you can see there’s a lot involved when your autoclave fails a spore test and it’s really no laughing matter. If you’re not prepared, you could be out of business for quite a few weeks while you’re shipping your machine out for repair and waiting for more test results. You’ll spend a lot of money for those repairs, too, and you’ll pay a lot more for a rental to tide you over.

But there’s really nothing complicated about autoclave repair and if you can use a screwdriver you can take care of most of your problems yourself. Learn how to maintain and repair your autoclave yourself and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money.

5 CCTV Camera Innovation to look upon

Earlier, CCTV cameras were just standalone device set in some corners of home or commercial areas. Time has changed and so is the technology update in the CCTV camera. Technology has helped in upgrading CCTV systems allowing the user to make the best use of it. Every year, more than billions of security system are sold and the business is set to grow more in coming years. Since there is a development in the security systems, let us check top five innovations happening in CCTV camera

  1. 360- Degree fields of view-

From 2MP CCTV camera to more pixel, there is an innovation in term of area it can capture. Many cameras today come with 360- degree field that can cover more areas helping the property owners to get full coverage of the area.

  1. Facial Recognition-

This is the most advance innovation one can see in CCTV camera systems. This feature allows the camera to identify members of the camera owner’s and send out personalized updates. This feature is popular among parents who have latchkey kids. Parents find peace when they know their kids arrived safely to home.

  1. Night Vision-

This is yet another innovative feature in CCTV system, which allows the user to have clear vision at the night. Earlier security cameras weren’t much offering crisp night footages making it difficult to view the person breaching your property. Thankfully, these CCTV cameras are now coming with night vision and also survive challenging weather conditions. It has moisture resistant and durable exteriors having the ability to survive any type of weather condition.

  1. Smartphone Integration-

Today, smartphones come with the entire feature allowing your stay connected with important devices including CCTV system. With smartphone integration, you can view footage from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the user can also manage the angle of the camera to get better view of the area.

  1. Solar Power Integration-

Many businesses do not invest on CCTV camera because of many wiring systems and costly affair due to increase in the monthly bill. By powering the cameras with solar energy, there is a huge cost cutting and contribute towards the betterment of environment.

If you looking for high-tech CCTV camera for your business and personal area, then connect with CP Plus World to get the best deal.

Soccer on Television

Soccer on television is very different from the more-felt experience live soccer game from a stadium. Though there are many conveniences for both aspects of watching, there is still a noticeable discrepancy regarding the impact of a live game than a televised game on television.

For those who just can’t afford or can’t make it to the stadium, be thankful for television and for the coverage. Not all soccer games achieve high-ratings in television but there is one international tournament though that when held, all over the world is glued into the television set. This tournament would definitely be the xem bong da truc tuyen FIFA World Cup. Once matches on the World Cup are shown on T.V., most people get hooked into it and with the help of Sports Channels, the live coverage make it easier for followers to feel the excitement and be blown away by the game even by just watching at home.

Soccer on television has made the once locally famous Soccer stars shine and helped them become the international superstars of today. With the help of television, the once unnoticed talents from around the world become household names. People has got a lot to thank for the invention of television and one of these reasons is that it helps to let us see things and matches that we could never actually see due to locations. Without television, people will have a hard time appreciating the game of soccer and the players that make it worthwhile. So for those non-lovers of Soccer, try watching a game on T.V., preferably a FIFA World Cup game, and experience what Soccer is all about.

“Soccer skills” don’t just refer to those of the ball-handling variety. As with any team sport, you are learning to think about more than just yourself. You learn to see yourself not as one person, but as an integral part of a team. When all the players do their jobs correctly, the team as a whole succeeds.

These vital skills – learning to interact with others, putting the team before your own needs, doing your job well and depending on others to do theirs – are all things that soccer students will need in the future. Whether or not they go on to play professionally or at the collegiate level, the skills and tolerance they learn through soccer will be something that they can use time and again throughout their lives.

Soccer is a game that connects us despite the numerous differences that we have. It shows us that, no matter what language we speak or what country we call home, we’re all going to get furious when the referees make a bogus call on our team and we’re all going to cheer when a player scores that last-second goal. And becoming a soccer player can give young people experiences and life skills that will benefit them both on and off the playing field.