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Spurrier Vs. Fulmer (2005 Edition)

When using my strategy or just playing any game of poker a mistake often made is when to move up to a higher limit table. With so many different 918kiss strategies coming in to play at different types of games players often over look a larger problem.

Many players win a few games and quickly move up to a higher limit table. More times than not this is a big mistake. In most cases as the skill of the player goes up so does the limit. By playing in these games before you are skilled enough to do so you will lose more money and more time. Although pots are larger they take longer to win.

The trick to finding the right table is simple math. You need to determine which table is most profitable for you. You may win more money at larger tables but the factor often overlooked is time. If your average pot at a higher limit table is $100 instead of $50 you will win twice as much. BUT if it takes you 3 times longer to win the pot THEN its not worth your time.

You want to find the table to play in that offers you the most profit for your time. The highest dollars/hour.
Moving to a higher limit table should only be done after careful consideration. It comes down to simple numbers and math.

Playing at the most profitable table for YOU is one of the most important aspects to consistent profits. You can literally be throwing away money by playing at a limit that is just a little off. To be a poker professional you should always know what your current profitability is. And what your average dollar/hour is.

By learning what works for you, you will make more money. Once you know what your optimum table is for profitability you can start slowly moving to higher limits. All the while noting each game and calculating your change in profitability. Taking notes and optimizing your game selection will put more money in your pocket.


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