Things That You Must Know Before You Go On A Date With A Trans Woman

Nowadays, many people prefer to date trans women, as they get the opportunity to have a new or kinky sex experience with people, who look like a female and also provide penetration experience.

However, before you date a Trans woman, you must be aware of the following few things.

  1. Don’t call them tranny

Often you will find that these transgender women are referred to as tranny, which is generally not liked by this community. Even the porn sites refer them with this name.

However, you must not offend them by addressing them in this way.

  1. Don’t give them a feeling that they will always teach you

Many men often ask many questions about their sexuality, which is ok to a certain extent, however don’t expect them to always teach you about them every time you meet them.

Few of them often get the surgery done, but asking about their struggles may put them off.

  1. Treat them also as human and not as a sex object

Often few men try to overuse them and consider them as a robot that can always be switched on or off anytime you like. After all, they too are human and have their emotions.

Treat them also as fellow humans and not just as a sex object.

  1. You may be ready for a hairy situation

Usually, these transgender shave them well and try to keep their body as smooth as possible.

However, sometime their transition to a trans-woman may not be complete and hence you may encounter a hairy situation that you must be ready to accommodate.

  1. Feel secure with you and your relationship

You don’t need to be comfortable with her only when you are sleeping together. You must be comfortable with them, even if you meet them anywhere else.

  1. Don’t compare your transgender escort with cis women

Trans women can never be a complete woman and therefore you should not compare them with any cis woman. Rather they can provide you a feeling of woman as well as experience of penetration.

  1. Transgenders can also be a well educated

Don’t consider these trans women have come only from any poor or broken up family. Many of them can be graduate and postgraduate too.

  1. Before going for sex give enough time to know them

Before you get into their bedroom, you must know her as a person and offer her also a time to know about you too. You cannot expect them to talk about sex immediately after meeting them. It can turn them off if you make haste.

  1. Discuss sex in detail before going for it

If you are going for sex with them then try to know what they can offer and what they cannot offer during sex. Most of them were male before and therefore they cannot switch on too quickly. 

  1. By dating with transgender you don’t become gay

Dating with trans women is the same as dating regular women, as you are in fact attracted to their femininity. So, you will not be gay by having relationships with them.

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